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D. E. Daniel & Co.
Quadrate Flyrods
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“a useful thing, beautifully made”
Hiram Hawes

When you close your hand around the grip of a fly rod, the rod becomes an extension of you.  Only bamboo affords the opportunity for that extension to be personal and perfectly suited to your casting style.   

I craft bamboo fly rods for the joy of building.  From an unruly stalk of cane, with gossamer silk, polished agate and alloys of nickel and steel, I blend a harmony of function and form, the personal expression of the best that a fly rod can be.

I've chosen to build four-sided fly rods (quadrates) for their elegant geometry and challenging construction.

Your own ideas of a fly rod can find clear expression in a handmade bamboo rod, fitted to you individually. 


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